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How to make the most of networking events

5th February 2017

Networking events offer a variety of benefits to you and your business. Building connections with other business owners, finding clients, and knowing what is being spoken about in your market is just some of them. No matter if you are just starting out in business or been established for a while, networking events will always help you develop. In this article we will discuss how you can best prepare for networking events you get the most out them.

Finding a networking event
Business networking events are happening frequently across the UK. If you search online we are positive you will find one near you. We suggest using social media to look for the events nears you for two reasons. The first is asking people on twitter about networking events saves you time looking for them. The second it allows you to start a conversation with those who reply to you. If they plan on attending the event too, you can be a relationship with them before meeting in person.
Preparing for the networking event
Once you have found an event, we suggest researching who is also attending. If you engage in conversation with these people you will be able to show your genuine interest and their business by discussing what you know about their work. By doing research you will also find the people who would be valuable for you to talk to. Perhaps a potential client or someone who could give great advice about your industry is in the room, without research you may miss great opportunities to connect with these people.

To make a good first impression at a networking event, it is important to have the right dress code. You will find that every networking event has their own preference such as 'formal' and 'informal'. You don't want to attend an event in casual clothing if everyone else is wearing a suit as you may be seen as unprofessional.

Bring the right tools
Before going to the event make sure you have the right tools with you. A notepad and pen allows you to take notes about anything valuable you have learned while you are there. Have business cards readily available to hand out. You want to give out your contact information to everyone you meet because they may be in need of your services sometime in the future. Without business cards you miss a massive opportunity to get clients and business connections. You cannot rely just on making a memorable first impression. You will all be meeting numerous amount of people that day so it's easy to forget a person in the future.

Aside from having a business contact with what you do, we suggest having an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a  quick way to sum what your business does. For example "Accounting and bookkeping for small businesses" is precised enough for people to know exactly what you do and for who. This saves you time having to go into great detail about what it is you do, unless someone asks you for more information.
Attending networking events can be stressful, especially if you are a new or small business. That is why PNGFormations are here to help. Our experts help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop their business. We help guide our clients through setting up and running their business. If you want to find out more information, please contact one of our exerts here today.

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