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The advantages of having a service address

19th February 2017

Not all businesses are run from a big office in a central location. When first starting a business, many people decide to setup an office in their home to keep costs low. Although a great saving, if you were to register you business to your home address you may be concerned about having your address on public display. In this article we will discuss the benefits of having a service address.

As part of the formation process, you are required to register an address as a correspondence address for you as a director. This information (along with other generic information about your business) is then accessible to the public. With a quick search on Companies house anyone can find out your business information and without a service address, they can see your home address.

Many people are not comfortable with sharing their address with the world, worried they may be vulnerable to criminal activities. This may be an even higher concern if you work directly within a legal or government sector. To keep you and your home secure, we suggest using a service address.

A service address is a location where you register yourself under as a director. This does not have to be the same address where your business is run from or your home, but it does have to be a physical address. Many business choose to use a service address as it offer many advantages.

Aside from the increase in security, using a service address means all HMRC letters related to you as a company director will be sent there instead to your home or office. When registering a service address with PNGFormations, all letters that are received will then be forwarded straight to you and all junk mail is discarded (with your permission). This makes management off letters a lot more efficient, saving you and your business time.

At PNGFormations we offer a variety of prestigious locations to have your business registered to. This can be great benefit for your corporate image, especially if you are in a very competitive market. Another great benefit of a service address is being able to register some business assets to the address, your business website for example.
Having a service address work similarly like an registered office address, but focused around you as a director. To find out more information about registered office address, click here.

Both service address and registered office address are visible on companies house, but if you choose these services with PNGFormations today, you never have to worry about your address being on public display.

If you are interested in a service address or want to find out more information, you can contact one of our experts here today.

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