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Signs You Have Outgrown Your Home Office

10th September 2015

There are many advantages of running a business from home, including cost saving and an easy commute. However, in the life of every business owner comes a time when they outgrow their home office.

This moment might come at an early stage of your company’s existence or a few years into it - all depending on various factors involved in your business plan.

In this article we will take a look at some of the warning signs which will help you determine if you are ready to take your business beyond the walls of your home office.

1. The Space

Running a business from home requires space and the first thing to focus on when determining if you’ve outgrown your home office is by analysing the amount of boxes and piles of papers around you. If you’ve begun to use more space in your home for your work-related documents than you originally planned, it might be the clear sign that you should find a larger place to run your business from.

Also, surrounding yourself with work-related assets at times when your mind needs to rest, can be extremely stressful and influence your productivity in the long term.

2. Your office affects your clients

Today, a lot of companies successfully run their business online and never see their clients face to face. But if your business isn’t solely based on the internet, you might find yourself struggling to remain professional when meeting clients at your home. If a dog is barking and a baby is crying, your conversation might be constantly interrupted and you won’t be able to give your full attention when it’s required.

If you meet with your clients on rare occasions, you might want to consider renting a meeting room outside of your home. At PNG Formations, we offer our clients virtual office services, which is ideal for newly formed businesses looking for a cost-effective and high quality corporate image. They offer flexibility, scalability and help to give you the reputation of a city-based business.

The office we offer will allow you to hold meetings with your clients whenever you need at a cost much lower than expensive office rentals. If you would like to find out more about our virtual offices, contact us today.

3. You Want to Hire Employees

As your business expands, you will need more help running it and at some point you might want to hire employees to boost your productivity. Not every home will fulfil the requirements of a perfect working environment and you might not be comfortable sharing the intimacy of your private life with strangers.

In order to create a professional and clear relationship with your employees, it is best to introduce them to a conventional office environment.

4. Your Productivity is affected

It is difficult to remain motivated in an environment that serves more than one purpose. Working and resting at the same place might decrease your productivity.

If you feel like you are being constantly distracted by the entertainment available or the chores to be done, you might want to benefit from renting an office where the only task at hand is your business.

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