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Brexit Papers

6th November 2017

Monday 6th November

During the Brexit talks, the government has been urged to publish Brexit Papers. Businesses are saying that they cannot wait until the anticipated September 2018, only 6 months prior to the divorce due to take place on the 29th March 2019, to wait to receive information about the impact it will have on the nation. PMs have stated the early release of this whilst negotiations are still going on will be “undermining their negotiation position”.

On Wednesday 1st November 2017 there was a study produced which covered 58 economic sectors. This just marks the beginning of what is yet to be published so that businesses can understand the impact that Brexit will have and the strategic decisions which will need to be made to facilitate this. Even though parliament states that it will maintain a close relationship with the EU post Brexit it is still proving hard for both parties to cooperate. In “Brexit: Trade in Goods” the document states: “it is in the interests of both the EU and the UK for the deeply integrated trade and economic relationship between both parties to be maintained after our exit from the EU”.

Earlier last month David Davis and Michel Barnier had a conference talk with press on the progression of the talks. The both highlighted that this was a very complicated situation and would not be able to be handled overnight, there are still major negotiating points on the matter that are still to be addressed in the coming months.
Whilst negotiations are still progressing it will be hard for the MPs to predict what the impact will be, making it hard to submit information that is accurate as it is very likely to change along the way.

Sources: BBC News and Telegraph

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