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A Simple Guide To CQC Registration

6th December 2018

Thinking about setting up a social enterprise? If you’re a business-minded individual with an interest in making a real difference to the community, then you might just have thought about how to start a care agency. The emotive draw of working in the social care sector can bring rewards like no other, and has meant that domiciliary care agency start ups are more often than not welcomed to the market with open arms.

The ageing population of the UK is fairly well documented and certainly not something that’s expected to change any time soon. By 2036, the Office of National Statistics suggests that over half of local authorities are projected to have 25% or more of their local population aged 65 and over (compared to only a handful in 1996). But it important to remember that a domiciliary care agency start up isn’t solely concerned with the elderly. It can be anyone requiring additional help in the home, and it’s an industry that is thought to be worth a pretty hefty £7.8 billion per year.

But with more people needing help comes an unfortunate strain on the social care sector, and as a result it has not always had the most positive of press. When it comes to the people doing the hard work, a recent study discovered that a quarter of the workforce are on zero hours contracts, with an equally large staff turnover rate of 30.7%.  But there are so many amazing people doing amazing work for those in care who should get the recognition they deserve, and with the help of business owners who might be thinking about starting a care agency, the future of the UK social care sector could be very bright indeed.

Before embarking on this venture, it’s important to remember that setting up a care agency is a big task, there are real people with real lives involved and so it’s absolutely vital to get the legalities right. So here is our short guide to Care Quality Commision, or CQC, registration for those thinking about how to set up a social enterprise or toying with the idea of starting a care agency in the UK:

1 . What is CQC Registration?

The Care Quality Commission are the main players where officially registering your business interests are concerned, giving you the official ‘okay’ to go ahead and be a social enterprise success. They are the go-to independent regulator of health and social care in England and should, without a shadow of a doubt, be the first port of call for anyone looking to set up a new business in the sector.

You may have thought long and hard about how to start a care agency, but before you can go anywhere you’ll first need to make sure you have all of the right procedures and policies set up. Without these you could put yourself in a position where you’re either not able to complete your CQC registration properly or risk failing future inspections.

2. Why Do You Need CQC Registration?

Obtaining CQC registration isn’t an optional extra or something to just think about later down the line, it’s an absolute necessity for anyone thinking about setting up a social enterprise.

“Any person, (individual, partnership or organisation) who provides regulated activity in England must be registered with us otherwise they commit an offence” (Care Quality Commission)

In short, it is a legal requirement under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (updated in 2012) to complete a CQC registration, and that includes not only your business or organisation but also the person you have chosen to make the Registered Manager. For the sake of a few hours, it’s really not worth the stress and aggravation of not doing it.

3. Knowing The Scope

The Care Quality Commission’s Scope of Registration is the primary source of information for anyone thinking about how to start a care agency or setting up a social enterprise in the care sector. But like any policy or official document of its kind, it’s far from a light read, but it’s an invaluable source of knowledge when it comes to getting CQC registration right so it really is worth taking a look.

4. Getting The Documents Together

You may have a vision of setting up a social enterprise that beats the rest, but do you actually have what it needs to work in the social care sector? Here are a few things you’ll need before completing your CQC registration:
  • DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check, this is a formal means of ensuring you are safe and able to work with vulnerable adults. Without this basic check signed off for not only the Registered Manager but also any individuals carrying out social care services as well as any partners involved, you’ll be unable to finish your CQC registration. If you need to apply for a DBS check please click here.
  • You will need to find yourself two references; one from your GP and one to referee your employment history.
  • A Statement of Purpose will need to be drawn up to give a pretty detailed overview of your aim, objectives and the services you would like to provide.

5. Choose The Right Application

Might sound simple, but make sure you complete the right application. When setting up a social enterprise or putting together your domiciliary care agency business plan think about whether you’re aiming to provide social care services as an individual, wider organisation or partnership.

In that essence, when it does come to the crunch, the Care Quality Commision do suggest slightly different guidance for new Registered Managers and those who are already a Registered Manager but might be looking to provide a completely new care home for example.

6. Go Forth and Register

Once you understand what CQC registration is, why you need it and what you need in order to complete your registration with as little hassle as possible then you’re ready to submit your application!

Here at PNG Formations, our highly qualified team are ready and waiting to help guide you through every step of the CQC registration process. Our extensive knowledge on CQC registration will help to save you time and money as we offer extensive support in the areas of business consulting, company formation and CQC compliance. We also understand that each and every business venture is unique and so carefully sculpt a service to fit your needs, providing ongoing support throughout the entire process. For more information on the support packages PNG Formations can offer you, please take a look at our CQC formations packages.

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