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Risks to Consider When Forming a Limited Company

12th January 2016

Starting a limited company comes with various advantages, which include tax benefits and limited liability status. However, as a small business director you will be carrying a number of responsibilities, such as business planning, handling clients’ requests, creating contracts, filing for self-assessment and your annual tax returns, marketising your products and services etc.

Organising Your Limited Company Costs and Expenses - Part Two

7th January 2016

In our previous article, we emphasised the impact understanding and keeping track of your costs and expenses has on running a successful business. In this article we will focus on further steps you can take to avoid any unnecessary stresses and penalties from HMRC.

Organising Your Limited Company Costs and Expenses - Part One

5th January 2016

One of the reasons a lot of our clients decide to form a limited company to start selling their products and services lies in the tax advantages which comes with this structure. A limited company is the most tax sufficient way to operate if you think of starting to trade on a small or medium scale.

Meetings and Resolutions for Limited Companies

26th November 2015

Once your company is formed and registered with Companies House and HMRC, you should hold a board meeting with the directors of your new business, and a general meeting of the members (shareholders or guarantors).

What Must a Company Do to Stay Dormant?

10th November 2015

A dormant limited company is a company which has been registered with Companies House, but does not have any ‘significant accounting transactions’ during the accounting period. It can be dormant from incorporation, but it can become dormant after a period of activity.

What Types of Limited Companies Are There?

3rd November 2015

If you have already made the decision of setting up your own company, another important choice needs to be made. It affects which limited company structure best suits your business needs.


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